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ESTIMATE: Construction Estimating Software

ESTIMATE with confidence

It is said that all’s well that ends well. While this is true, we believe there is another equally important truth – all is well that begins well. Especially so in the Construction Industry. An Industry which demands that the unforeseen to be seen today. An industry where minor miscalculations lead to errors of gargantuan proportions. An industry where success depends as much on the right planning as on the right execution. As a development team, we understand how crucial correct and timely construction estimating is, and believe that nothing less than the Best shall serve your purpose.

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ESTIMATE the right choice

  • It is Open Source

    ESTIMATE has been released under GNU Affero General Public License. ESTIMATE is a community-supported project. Source code is freely available and hence anybody can customize the application and add new features according to his/her needs.

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  • It is Accurate and User Friendly

    ESTIMATE is a fast, accurate and intelligent solution for all construction estimating needs. Built for even the smallest of operators to the largest companies, the software comes packed with a host of useful features.

    Features of ESTIMATE

ESTIMATE packs quite a punch

ESTIMATE is a complete solution which does much more than delivering accurate and fast estimates for the Construction Industry. Developed by people who hold In Depth understanding of the sector, the software includes a host of capabilities.

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