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Technology behind ESTIMATE

ESTIMATE is a web-based application, a centralized relational database is provided for safe storage, maintenance and recovery of data. ESTIMATE is capable of delivering Reports and Information on a single click through it's web-based interface.

The Software is built using the J2EE technology, the application runs inside Apache Tomcat server and is compatible with one of the most popular Database Applications that is the MySQL Database Server.


Functions and Modules

Costing Master
  • Assemblies: Manage the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), also known as “Schedule of Rates”
  • Bill of Material: Prepare specifications for material, manpower and equipments
  • Cost Book: Prepare “Analysis of Rates” for Assemblies, taking into account resource requirements, overheads, profit and contingencies


Estimation & Control
  • Definitive Estimate: Generate Detailed Cost-Sheets which include “Scope of Work” and Bill of Quantity. Data is automatically collated at different levels (project/subproject). User can copy from Existing Project Templates
  • Tender Management: Automatically create/publish DNITs, invite vendor quotes, and generate bid-analysis reports (techno-commercial)
  • Control Estimate: Define Project-Control parameters; collect “As-built” data from sites. System generates “Project Health Reports”, “Resource/Cost forecast” and Audit/Reconciliation reports based on the control/as-built data


  • Unit Converter and Expression Parser: A Handy tool for Engineers/Estimators
  • Address Book: Manage contacts such as employees, suppliers, clients etc
  • Document Manager: Manage documents and references


System Administration
  • User Management: Manage users and policies (access-control)
  • Database Management: optimized database connection and queries
  • System-wide configuration: License management and System Maintenance

Your Business needs

  • Higher ROI per Project
  • Lesser Project Costs
  • Smoother Project Execution
  • Stronger Bid Conversion Ratio
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