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ESTIMATE Advantages

Save Money on Projects
More accurate estimations result in smoother execution of the project. So you are spared last minute overheads, unforeseen expenditures and blocked working capital. What this means are lesser project costs.

Complete Projects Faster
The right estimation means glitch free, uninterrupted project execution. Projects get completed faster, better.

Convert More Bids
The best way to inspire confidence is show correct, reliable estimations. And when you inspire confidence, your bid conversion ratio goes up.


Build Stronger Client Relationships
See your client relationships gain a strength marked by confidence and consistency as you deliver better projects in faster time and at lesser costs.

Work Simple
Bid farewell to tedious, complicated and error prone methods with the clean, user friendly interface offered by ESTIMATE.

Be Flexible
Accommodate sudden inputs, last minute information and ongoing developments with a never before ease as the software brings you highly flexible provisions.

Work Together
The software enables collaborative processes. So people in office, at sites and across locations can share their inputs on an ongoing basis to lend the project a real time advantage.

Your Business needs

  • Higher ROI per Project
  • Lesser Project Costs
  • Smoother Project Execution
  • Stronger Bid Conversion Ratio
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