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Introducing ESTIMATE

ESTIMATE is the fast, accurate and intelligent solution for all construction estimating needs. Built for even the smallest of operators to the largest companies, the software comes packed with a host of unprecedented features.

ESTIMATE is a complete solution which does much more than delivering accurate and fast estimates for the Construction Industry. Developed by people who hold In Depth understanding of the sector, the software includes a host of capabilities.


What ESTIMATE does for you

Definitive Estimation: Sets up the Project to Succeed

Control Estimation: Simplifies the Execution

Web-based Multi-user Interface: Engages the Right People at the Right Time

Data Analysis and Reporting: Keeps the Information flowing smoothly

Archiving and Review: You can learn from every Project


Your Business needs

  • Higher ROI per Project
  • Lesser Project Costs
  • Smoother Project Execution
  • Stronger Bid Conversion Ratio
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